Cybersecurity Regulation

The role of Cloud Infrastructure
in Cybersecurity

CISPE is committed to ensuring secure, safe and resilient infrastructure for the cloud. As such it is actively involved in providing information, insight and opinion on key regulatory and legislative projects to ensure that they are fit for purpose
and deliver the required security without unintended consequences. 

Buying Cloud Services in Public Sector Handbook


CISPE has worked with a broad range of allied voices on a number of campaigns around cybersecurity. These have included AFHADS, EuroCloud France, Cloud Industry Forum, Danish Cloud Community, DHPA, ISPconnect, Hexatrust, eco-EuroCloud Germany, DINL. Ongoing partnership and support is at the heart of efforts to ensure clear, appropriate regulation in this crucial area.

Main achievements to date

  • In response to the European Terroist Content Online regulation in 2018 we worked with a coalition of partners from across Europe, CISPE provided information and video illustrations outlining the limits to cloud infrastructure service providers capability to remove terrorist content online Campaigns have been rolled out in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Denmark, Italy, and the Netherlands.
  • CISPE is currently working with members and 3rd parties to agree positions and sector alignment around upcoming regulations including Cyber Resilience Act, NIS-2 update  and European Cybersecurity certification scheme for clouds (EUCS)  



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