Declare a Service

  • Please determine carefully which of your service(s) meet(s) the Code’s requirements
  • Please complete and send to the Secretary General the following documents through the form in the bottom of this page:
  • Send the payment to CISPE through wire transfer:
  • 1.980,00 EUR for the declaration of 1 service
  • 5.980,00 EUR for the declaration for 3 or more services
  • Please note that without upfront payment, your demand will not be processed
  • If all the information you sent fulfils the requirements you will:
  • Receive a registration number of the declaration
  • Receive the licence of use of the Trust Mark(s) you may use on your own communication supports
  • Your services will be added to the CISPE Public Register

Template Declaration of Adherence


Services covered by this Declaration

This Declaration covers the cloud infrastructure service(s) below (the "Services"). If this Declaration is being made for more than one service, please include details for each service below.

Service Name

(Will appear on CISPE Public Register)

Further information

(Optional and will not appear on CISPE Public Register)

Service 1

Service 2

Service 3

Service 4

CISP making the Declaration

This Declaration should be made by an entity which is a seller of record of the Service(s) (the "CISP"). If this Declaration is being made by more than one CISP, please include details for each CISP below and in the declaration at Section 5. This information will appear on the CISPE Public Register.

Legal name


Seller of Record 1

Seller of Record 2

Seller of Record 3

Seller of Record 4

Support for the Declaration provided by the CISP

This Declaration is supported by:

  • Certification by an independent third party auditor.
  • A self-assessment by the CISP.

Your choice will determine which Compliance Mark the CISP is eligible to use for the Service(s).

Auditable Code Requirement (for Declarations supported by certification by an independent third party only)

  • The Code Requirements in Table A are the Auditable Code Requirements. Please complete Table A for each Auditable Code Requirement and attach copies of all referenced Certificates.
    Please indicate if Certificate(s) only apply to specific Services. If you are relying on different Certificates for different services, you may complete Table A separately for each Service.


By submitting this form, the CISP(s) confirms that:

  1. as of the date of this Declaration the Services adhere to the Code Requirements;
  2. the CISP will comply with the complaints and enforcement procedures in Section 7(Governance) of the Code; and
  3. if any change to the Service(s) or the Code means a material update to this Declaration is required, then (i) the CISP must promptly notify the Secretariat, and (ii) cooperate with the Secretariat to update those materials.

Consent to the processing of personal data:

I have read the Privacy Policy provided in accordance with Art. 13 of EU Regulation no. 679/2016, and agree to the processing of personal data for the purposes indicated therein. I also hereby declare that I am aware that by not agreeing to such processing, the provisions indicated in said Policy may be applied.

I confirm I am at least 18 years old according to the regulations in force in the state where the service provider is based: