Declare a Service

How to declare a service under the CISPE Code of Conduct.

  1. Read carefully, once again, the CISPE Code of Conduct
  2. If you see fit, please determine carefully which of your service(s) meet(s) the Code’s requirements.
  3. Please complete and send to the General Secretary the following documents through the formular in the bottom of this page :
  4. Send the paiement to CISPE through wire transfer:
    • 990 EUR for the declaration of 1 service
    • 2990 EUR for the declaration for 3 or more services
    • Please note that without upfront paiement, your demand won’t be processed

  5. If all the infomation you sent are fulfilling the requirements,
    • You’ll recieve a number of decalartion
    • Your services will be added to the CISPE Public Register
    • You’ll recieve the licence of use of the the Trust Mark(s) you may use on your own communication supports

Template Declaration of Adherence

Download the declaration of service

Declare a Service Form

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