CISPE commits to creating the first ever Cloud Infrastructure Data Portability Code of Conduct after EU Regulation on free flow of data agreed  

Sep 11, 2018 | Press release

Brussels, 09/11/2018 – CISPE, the alliance of Cloud Infrastructure Services Providers in Europe, fully supports the adoption of the European Union’s new free flow of non-personal data Regulation and has also committed to deliver the first Cloud Infrastructure Data Portability Code of Conduct under the Regulation. This code will probably be in place when the Regulation comes into force, six months after its adoption and publication in the Official Journal of the EU.

The new Regulation make it easier for customers to switch cloud-service providers and transfer data back to their own IT systems (data portability) and so avoid being locked-in to proprietary services, through the use of industry Code of Conduct.

“The Regulation is a milestone for cloud service providers in Europe and, more importantly, for the many millions of customers they serve,” says Alban Schmutz, CISPE Chairman, and Vice President Strategic Development and Public Affairs, OVH. “Data portability is essential for a healthy and competitive data economy, and a key requisite for a Digital Single Market. CISPE is therefore pleased to endorse the Regulation and is committed to helping deliver its promised benefits to users across Europe.”

Since April 2018, CISPE member companies have worked with, with other cloud providers and customers, including EuroCIO (the European non-profit organisation representing large IT users) and the European Commission – in the framework of the EC Switching and Porting (SWIPO) Working Group – to develop an Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas) Code of Conduct to ensure data portability. This code is designed to support customers in switching their cloud infrastructure providers without losing data.

About CISPE: The association is open to all companies, no matter where they are headquartered, provided they declare that at least one of their cloud infrastructure services meets the requirements of the CISPE Data Protection Code of Conduct. The CISPE Code of Conduct already has more than 100 services declared, provided by 30 cloud enterprises headquartered in more than 15 EU Member States and used by millions of businesses across Europe.”

CISPE Executive Board

Cloud Computing Services declared under CISPE Code of Conduct

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