CISPE COVID-19 support, including free offerings, for EU institutions and national governments

At this time of crisis, CISPE and the cloud infrastructure industry stand ready to serve the public sector and citizens across Europe. The COVID-19 initiatives, including free offerings by members of CISPE listed below are available to EU institutions, national governments and businesses

#StayHome #StaySafe

Updated: 31 March 2020


CompanyService or Initiative NameDelivered Service & Main featuresTargeted usersSpecial Offer
(ex. Free, x% rebate, etc.)
Service Link
3DS OutscaleSecured Cloud Computing ServicesCloud IaaS: Compute/Storage/Network/SecurityFully ISO/SecNumCloud/Health Data certifiedISVs, Startups, Public OrganizationsFree within the "actforlife" programLink
Amazon Web ServicesSolutions that facilitates remote working and learning: Amazon Workspaces for virtual desktops that can be accessed anywhere,
Amazon WorkDocs for easy collaboration with others, Amazon Chime for online meetings, chats and video calls, Amazon Connect to set up a call or contact centre in the cloud, with the agents working from home, Amazon AppStream to deliver desktop applications to any computer, Amazon Client VPN to set up secure connections to your networks from anywhere
EveryoneMany of the services listed below have special offers designed to make it easier to get started at no charge or are already available under the AWS Free Tier. Link
Amazon Web ServicesAWS Diagnostics Development Initiative Program to support customers who are working to bring better, more accurate, diagnostics solutions to market faster and promote better collaboration across organizations that are working on similar problemsCustomers working on improving diagnostics solutionsCommitting an initial investment of $20 million to accelerate diagnostic research, innovation, and development to speed our collective understanding and detection of COVID-19 and other innovate diagnostic solutions to mitigate future infectious disease outbreaks. Funding will be provided through a combination of AWS in-kind credits and technical support to assist our customers’ research teams in harnessing the full potential of the cloud to tackle this challenge. Link
CoreTechSygma ConnectRemote PC access like TeamViewerGovernment, school, companiesFree for all emergency time COVID-19Link
Gigas HostingCOVID-19 EmergencyCloud DatacenterNGO'sFree cloud infrastructure for NGO's apps or webs to suport specific campaigns related to Coronavirus emergency. Project started with UNHCR, the UN Refugee AgencyLink
Gigas HostingCOVID-19 data mattersCloud DatacenterClients offering info related to COVID-19Free cloud infrastructure for webs and apps that provide info related to COVID-19. A dashboard is being developed to track the pandemia globally but more specifically in Mexico, in collaboration with a BI partner. Soon to go live
Gigas HostingSupporting our minds Cloud DatacenterClients offering free services for COVID-19 affected people and companiesFree cloud infrastructure for webs and apps that provide free services to help companies and individuals affected by COVID-19. Initiative that provides psycological support and coaching to COVID-19 affected individuals is being launched through partner.Link
Gigas HostingClose to our clientsCloud DatacenterLatam clients paying in USD20% special discount on the monthly invoice to offset Latam currency depreciations vs. USD
Gigas HostingClose to our clientsCloud DatacenterClients: Specially affected SMEs and/or sectors Extension of payment periods, grace periods and free temporary service for affected clients in sensitive sectors such as retail or tourism, or SME's experiencing difficulties due to COVID-19
IkoulaIkoula Cloud Backup by AcronisTelework shakes up habits and behaviors. This can lead to forgetting to save your files, and as a consequence, this can lead to creating a risk for the company.
To overcome this during this difficult period, IKOULA provides a free backup solution of 5 GB. This BaaS solution (Backup as A Service) allows everyone to back up and restore all of their data, without time or place constraints.
All type of companies5GB offered, with the code backupme

IkoulaCloud Ikoula one & one click applicationsWhen a whole company suddenly finds itself in telework, daily work and inter-service & inter-employee communication can be compromised. Using Cloud Computing to deploy instances, hosting open-source applications such as RocketChat for instant messaging, OpenOffice for office automation or Jitsi, and Jami for videoconferencing will restore the links inside the company and increase efficiency. IKOULA provides for free its Cloud Solution and its One Click applications during the confinement period.All type of companies€100 offered, when a Cloud IKOULA One account is created
More than 50 One Click pre-installed Apps, ready-to-use in less than 3 minutes
IkoulaSynology ServerIn order to share files in the best possible way (with LogicalDoc for example or with SynologieDrive), to broadcast video and to use many other applications in complete safety, IKOULA offers during the confinement period a professionnal Synology DS115j server.All type of companies1 Synology DS155j server for free during one month, with the code IKOULASYNOLink

IkoulaRaspberry PI4 MicroserverIn support of small entrepreneurs or freelancers, who sometimes could feel less supported, because they're on their own everyday, IKOULA offers them a microserver during the crisis. This versatile and brand new machine will be perfect for files storage, to host a website during, or to create a VPN.Freelancers, small companies1 Raspberry PI 4 microserver for free during one month, with the code IKRASPLink
NetaliaSIMCOVIDDecision Support System - modeling of COVID-19's spreadPublic authorities, Health agencies, Health managersNetalia is a partner of the project, together with Helpy S.r.l., SPX Lab and the University of Genoa - the service will be provided by Netalia's cloud infrastructure
NetaliaDr. LinkTelemonitoring (transmission of patient clinical data, i.e. respiratory-rate, heart-rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen saturation, body temperature)Patient, Health workersNetalia is a partner of the project, together with Italtel S.p.A.- the service will be provided by Netalia's cloud infrastructure
NetaliaiorestoacasaVideocall solutionRemote workers1 server made available for freeLink
OVHcloud#Open_solidarity initiativeFree of charge SaaS solutions hosted on OVHcloud infrastructureRemote workers, institutions, pupils and general public.Free and with no engagement for the duration of the crisis Link
OVHcloudTelephone conference callsIt can be difficult to move to work remotely and communicate simultaneously with a number of people. Get them all on the same conference call.AllFree of charge up to 50 usersLink
OVHcloudMass SMS distribution solutionNeed to reach out to remote workers quickly and efficiently? We can support you via our platform, with our SMS solutions (a renewable pack of 1,000 SMS messages).All1,000 free Text Messages (SMS) pack. Renewable.Link
OVHcloudEmailProNeed secure email exchanges, with a custom email address? Try the Email Pro solution.SMEsFree of chargeLink
OVHcloudDedicated ServersWe offer several ranges of high-performance, versatile dedicated servers that suit the most resource-intensive requirements, and handle traffic spikes for your infrastructure.AllThe infrastructures are free of charge for services providers and on a zero-commitment basis for the entire duration of the crisis, to handle traffic spikes.Link
OVHcloudPrivate CloudOur Private Cloud combines the scalability of the cloud with a 100%-dedicated hardware infrastructure. Infrastructure virtualisation is powered by VMware technology, and entirely managed by OVHcloud.AllThe infrastructures are free of charge for services providers and on a zero-commitment basis for the entire duration of the crisis, to handle traffic spikes.Link
OVHcloudPublic CloudThe OVHcloud Public Cloud offers a wide range of cloud solutions, billed on a pay-as-you-go basis. Use the OpenStack API or our own OVHcloud Control Panel to manage your cloud services, including storage, instances, volumes, Managed Kubernetes, Spark-as-a-Service, and much more.AllThe infrastructures are free of charge for services providers and on a zero-commitment basis for the entire duration of the crisis, to handle traffic spikes.Link
Scalewayensemble.jitsiVisio-conferenceEnterprises, Associations, CitizensFree of chargeLink
ScalewayEducNat EnsembleVisio-conferenceAdministrative follow-up of French National Education agentsFree of chargeLink