Every Day is Data Protection Day for cloud infrastructure service providers in Europe

Jan 24, 2018 | Press release

Cloud infrastructure service providers demonstrate clear commitment to GDPR

Brussels, 24/01/2018 – CISPE, the voice of cloud infrastructure providers in Europe, has underlined its commitment to data protection in general and the European Union GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) in particular on the eve of Data Protection Day 2018 – and with the GDPR coming into force in just 16 weeks.

“We know data protection and the GDPR are vitally important for our customers and end users,” says Alban Schmutz, Chairman of Cloud Infrastructure Service Providers in Europe (CISPE) and VP Strategic Development & Public Affairs, OVH. “With cloud infrastructure companies playing a central role in the data value chain, delivering essential services, it’s vital that every citizen and stakeholder can have complete confidence in how data is collected, stored, processed and shared. This is why CISPE continues to play an active role in helping to shape the GDPR process.”

“This is an auspicious annual event; CISPE is looking forward to another successful Data Protection Day and wants to wish everybody a successful year ahead in data protection. For our part, we’re continuing our commitment to work with our members and other stakeholders to deliver the standards, systems and behaviours required. This includes submitting the CISPE Code of Conduct for review to the European data protection regulators (Article 29 Working party), banning the reuse of customer data by providers, ensuring data location is always transparent, and providing the option for data to be stored and processed exclusively in the EU/EEA. We want every day to be Data Protection Day.”

“Cloud providers need to continue working with businesses and the public sector to achieve the levels of data protection expected by European citizens,” says Eva Maydell, EPP, Bulgaria. “CISPE’s code is an excellent showcase for how it can be done.”

“We fully support all efforts towards harmonization and proper implementation of GDPR, therefore, we welcome all commitment and determination to full compliance with GDPR, as in the case of CISPE’s Code of Conduct,” says Michal Boni, EPP, Poland.

In co-regulation, CISPE has already worked closely with stakeholders such as the European Commission and Data Protection Authorities to provide feedback, shape advice and share experiences. At the European Parliament in 2016, CISPE launched the first sectoral Code of Conduct dedicated to taking the GDPR into account. Today, this code has more than 50 services declared, which are already being used by millions of businesses across the EU.

To celebrate European Data Protection Day, CISPE is hosting an informal drinks reception for the data protection community at 19:00 on Monday 29th January, at Etiquette in Brussels.


CISPE is an association of cloud infrastructure services providers operating in Europe. The association is open to all companies, no matter where they are headquartered, provided they declare that at least one of their cloud infrastructure services meets the requirements of the CISPE Data Protection Code of Conduct.

Media contact: For all questions, or to speak to CISPE or one of its member companies on this issue, please contact: Francisco Mingorance, Secretary General, fm@europa-insights.com, 02/513 55 09

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