CISPE Press Statement before first trialogue on draft regulation on Preventing the dissemination of terrorist content online

Oct 17, 2019 | News

Alban Schmutz, CISPE chairman and VP of Strategic Development and Public Affairs, OVH, said: “Rapid takedown of online terrorist content is a vitally important issue for the EU, its member states and citizens. CISPE members fully support the ambition of this important regulation.

 “We are grateful for the recognition by the European Parliament that Cloud infrastructure providers would be the wrong target for this regulation.

 “We call upon the Institutions to clarify during the trialogue negotiations that this Regulation is not intended to include CISPE members and to agree on a clear and binding definition of cloud infrastructure services.

 “Obliging cloud infrastructure companies to proactively monitor and filter online content would be asking them to do something technically impossible. We cannot access the data and content controlled by our customer and have no general control or access to what specific content is placed online.”