Brussels, 3rd July 2019Launched today, the 66-page guide is designed to help public purchasers in Europe to shape more effective cloud procurement vehicles, facilitate the digital transformation of governments and encourage the public sector to adopt forward-looking cloud first public procurement policy.

Building on best practices from all the cloud ecosystem

Developed by CISPE (Cloud Infrastructure Services Providers in Europe) with the support of Cloud Industry Forum, Danish Cloud Community, DHPA, eco / EuroCloud Germany, EuroCloud France and ISPConnect, the handbook shares the experience of partners, organisations and members in the framing of public procurement in the cloud market.

Together, the coalition represents thousands of companies comprising Europe’s cloud ecosystem.

The handbook, launched in the presence of the European Commission during the Brussels event “How to Transform Governments Through a Smart Cloud Policy”, will be translated into multiple European languages and launched in various EU Member States in September and October 2019.

Facilitate the move to cloud

The handbook is meant to facilitate the digital transformation of governments and the public sector by providing best practice guidance for Europe’s public procurers of cloud services.  When more government and public agencies adopt forward-looking cloud first public procurement policy requiring that cloud is used as default unless it is justified (“if not cloud, why not?”), these public procurers can ground their decisions on the effective guidance that the CISPE Cloud Handbook provides and ensure the best decisions are being made for the right reasons.

Full press release can be found here.