“The DMA will be a historic failure if it its scope does not include gatekeepers’ enterprise and productivity software suites. Unfair licensing practices for software used by thousands of businesses and millions of consumers every day are restricting choice and preventing fair competition in digital markets. 

European consumers will suffer from less innovation, fewer options, and higher prices if the definition of ‘software’ in the DMA is limited to web browsers, voice assistants, and operating systems.

The raison d’etre of the DMA is to prevent such unfair practices by gatekeepers. Legacy software providers must be recognised as gatekeepers and these practices outlawed so that European enterprises are not forced to take expensive and time-consuming legal actions to counter clearly anti-competitive practices.

We call upon all parties to make the minor amendments necessary to include ‘enterprise-software’ in the DMA during the trilogue phase so that it fully meets its objective of a free and fair digital market that benefits European consumers.”