CISPE Digital Sovereignty Principles for Cloud Infrastructure Services

Jun 23, 2022 | Publication

If Digital Sovereignty is key for Europe, it is key as well for any economic area in the world. Therefore, addressing the topic widely should be considered, and we believe that European values of Data Protection, Security, Portability and Transparency shall be the driver to develop principles that could be largely supported and operated worldwide, while answering the expectations of European stakeholders.

CISPE believes in continuous innovation, particularly for SMEs by creating an ecosystem of trust for businesses of all sizes to scale up and compete. Cloud infrastructures are the catalyst for such genuine digital and environmental transformation as they provide the underlying IT infrastructure tools for organizations and individuals: the processing, storage, networks and other fundamental computing resources necessary to deploy and run essential software and systems.

CISPE supports the priority in Europe given to technological and digital sovereignty as an enabler of trust in cloud services for EU businesses and Governments. However, we observe that there is a lack of definition of what digital sovereignty actually means, particularly for the cloud industry.

Read the CISPE Digital Sovereignty Principles for Cloud Infrastructure Services here.

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