CISPE highlights unintended impact of the EU Terrorist Content Online Regulation


Online businesses and public services could be shut down without warning, with dire consequences for European citizens and organisations


#Wrong Player – Read our press release (13 November 2019) here.


Below you can find 3 videos explaining the impact of the proposed regulation to cloud infrastructure service providers general video (EN, DE, FR, ES, IT, PL) and examples of unintended consequences on travel agency and SMEs. The videos were developed by CISPE with support of AFHADS, EuroCloud France, Cloud Industry Forum, Danish Cloud Community, DHPA, ISPconnect, Hexatrust, eco-EuroCloud Germany, DINL.

The Wrong Player video in German

The Wrong Player video in Polish

The Wrong Player video in French

The Wrong Player video in Italian

The Wrong Player video in Spanish

The EU wants Cloud Infrastructure Providers to snoop on their customer’s data, slowing down their digital transformation & bringing to a halt the GDPR


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(27th Nov. 2018)

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